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Welcome to Prince George’s County Medical Society


As a member of both PGCMS and MedChi, physicians have access to numerous benefits and resources.

Legislative Advocacy

PGCMS/MedChi advocate on your behalf regarding laws, regulations, and policies that impact the practice of medicine, patients, and the public health, including:

  1. Fighting against legislation that expand the scope of practice for non-physicians
  2. Fighting against the Trial Lawyers to protect physicians from law suit abuse
  3. Protecting the Medicare Waiver
  4. Increasing Medicaid Reimbursements
  5. Educating lawmakers about the practice of Medicine
  6. Physician Lobby Days in Annapolis

Legal Resources

Member physicians have access to legal counsel that can advise you on keeping compliant with laws and regulations.

Leadership Opportunities

Member physicians have the opportunity to set policy by:

  • Serving on a committee
  • Representing PGCMS to the MedChi House of Delegates
  • Serving on either the MedChi or PGCMS Board
  • Submitting policy resolutions
  • Participating in the Physician of the Day program during the Legislative Session

Networking Opportunities

PGCMS and MedChi hold several networking and social events throughout the year where physicians can connect with each other and with leaders in the field of medicine. Events include:

  • Semi-Annual MedChi House of Delegates Meeting
  • Annual MedChi Gala
  • PGCMS Membership Meetings
  • Social Events including Oriole’s Games and BSO Concerts


Member physicians receive regular updates and free publications that keep you informed, including:

  • Weekly E-Newsletter
  • Maryland Medicine Magazine
  • Email Alerts
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Member physicians have access to free and discounted CME

Practice Management Services

Member practices have access to an array business support services that can assist you with day to day operations, technology, finances, and HIPAA. More information can be found here:

Employed Physician Services

More physicians are considering employment rather than private practice. As a member physician, we can help you consider the pros and cons of employment and provide resources to guide you regarding employment contracts, and compensation resources.

Physician Health Resources

Physicians are human and with the changes in the practice of medicine, more physicians than ever are dealing with personal health challenges and burnout. The Maryland Physician Health Program is a resource available to you and is completely confidential.


MedChi Insurance Agency has unique expertise in serving the medical community. As a member, you have access to a free consultation and discounts on plans that benefit you, your practice, and your employees.

More Information

Visibility and Referrals

The number one reason members of the public contact PGCMS is to find a physician. Our priority is to always refer to member physicians first. All member physicians are in our Physician Finder database, which can be searched via the PGCMS website or the MedChi website. Additionally, any practice with 100% physician membership will have their logo featured on the PGCMS website.

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Center for the Private Practice of Medicine 

We are committed to helping practices remain independent. The Center for the Private Practice of Medicine provides business support tailored to the time constraints of your practice. 


Center for the Employed Physician

The Center for the Employed Physician was established to provide resources, education, and expertise for physicians who are currently employed or are considering entering into an employment contract.


Law & Advocacy Division

The Law and Advocacy Division serves as an information and advocacy conduit on matters of legal, legislative, and regulatory concern to Maryland physicians.  We work to balance the legal and regulatory landscape for the benefit of you, your patients, and the public health.  The attorneys assigned to the division provide general legal services to our members.